Schedule of the Programme

After registration is closed, we will try to find a matching tandem-partner for you. If this is successful, you can start the programme at the beginning of the semester.

Core Components for all Participants

At the beginning of the semester, you take part in a one-time introductory session at the University Language Centra (ZFA). Here, you will learn more about the main principles of tandem language learning (e.g. learning strategies) and how to utilise the Tandem-Portfolio and further resources.

Throughout the semester, you will meet with your tandem-partner regularly (normally weekly) for individual tandem sessions (at least 13 of min. 90 minutes each) which you are required to plan and devise independently. By way of a complementary Moodle course, you have access to resources for tandem language learning. Moreover, you need to keep record of your sessions in the Tandem-Portfolio.

About midterm, you will get together with other participants in a reflection session in order to reflect on the development of the tandem and your learning experience so far.

Further components and requirements depend on whether you intend to obtain a confirmation of participation or credit points. Which components are mandatory for each case is outlined in the following sections and, in detail, in the module description (CP-variant) and syllabus (certificate-variant) respectively.

Certificate-Variant (Confirmation of Participation)

Optionally, you can register for an individual tandem coaching in which you define your individual learning objectives and plan your tandem – the best time for the coaching is after two or three meetings with your tandem partner. Equally optional is a final coaching at the end of the semester.

Finally, you will submit a concluding essay, in which you reflect on the tandem and assess your individual learning outcomes based on guiding questions. (Please refer to the Tandem-Portfolio for details.)

The detailed schedule of the certificate variant is available in the section ⇒Downloads.

Notes on Confirmation of Participation (Tandem.MINT-Certificate)

  • A confirmation of participation (Tandem.MINT-Certificate) will be issued on condition that all obligatory components of the schedule are fulfilled. Confirmation of participation for each component as well as the concluding essay are to be submitted in due time until the end of the semester to the project coordinators.
  • In the certificate, the period of participation in the programme, the foreign language practiced in the tandem, and an overall description of the programme components and objectives will be attested. The certificate does not contain any assessment of performance or language proficiency.
  • In case you would like to obtain credit points (CP) for participating in the programme, the specifications and requirements of the module description for the CP variant apply.

CP-Variant (3 Credit Points)

Additionally, you will take an individual tandem coaching, in which you define your individual learning objectives and plan your tandem – the best time for the coaching is after two or three meetings with your tandem partner.

As a complement, you will engage in another language practice activity at RUB: You can choose between one-time participation in the Language Practice Meet-up (Sprachcafé) or one-time participation in an individual consultation on academic writing or a mini-workshop on academic writing in foreign languages at the Writing Centre (Schreibzentrum).

Throughout the semester, you use the Tandem-Portfolio to document and reflect on your tandem language learning. The completed portfolio must be submitted at the end of the semester. The portfolio work includes defining the objectives of the tandem partnership, regular documentation and evaluation of the tandem sessions (of at least 5 representative sessions), an annotated compilation of samples from the tandem partnership (e.g. texts, notes, vocabulary development, online research, project work) and an annotated subject-specific compilation of resources or a glossary of technical terms and specialist phrases. You will receive your copy of the Tandem-Portfolio in the introductory session, along with further explanations.

In an individual final coaching at the end of the semester, you concludingly reflect on your learning process and review your Tandem-Portfolio.

The detailed module description for the CP variant is available in the section ⇒Downloads.

Notes on Credit Points / Recognition (3 CP Variant)

  • Provided that all components comprised in this module description are completed in due time, the University Language Centre (Zentrum für Fremdsprachenausbildung, ZFA) will certify 3 credit points (CP) for participation in the Tandem.MINT-programme.
  • Whether the programme can be given credit for within a degree programme of Ruhr-Universität (e.g. elective modules), depends on the individual examination regulations and on the decision of the responsible examination board of the respective faculty. The student himself / herself is responsible for checking with the respective course counsellors and examination board on the transferability of credits.
  • In Tandem.MINT, no graded exam will take place. Likewise, an assessment of performance or language proficiency level is not possible.