What do fellow students have to say about Natural.PALS?

In this section, former participants give an account of their experience with the Buddy-Programme.

Savina, André & Natalie (Biochemistry)
Savina, Natalie, André

“Taking part in the Buddy-Programme was a very enriching and useful experience to complement my first semester studying abroad, both academically and personally. The experiences and opinion of our local Buddy, who had already studied a Bachelor degree at RUB was a useful guide. Besides academic advantages, it allows you to meet people from around the world, which helps you to know more about other cultures and be more open-minded and tolerant. It also helps you to see your culture from a different point of view.“

Savina | MSc programme Biochemistry
international student

„Altogether, I would say that my Buddy Natalie was the perfect match, she was always available to help with any question or problem […]. In our study meetings, we decided to exchange our knowledge and practice for the exam, discussing each other’s questions.
I would recommend this programme to other international and local students – to international students who may not be aware of the German education system and structure of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, but mostly to students who are not aware of German culture.“

André,| MSc programme Biochemistry
international student

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