Tandem.MINT – Tandem Language Learning Programme

The Tandem Language Learning Programme Tandem.MINT offers students of so-called STEM disciplines (Natural Sciences and Engineering) an individualised approach of learning foreign languages in collaboration with a native speaker. By means of specialised resources, you can practice the foreign language related to typical academic and professional contexts. The Tandem Programme is carried out in cooperation with the University Language Centre (ZFA).

© Georg Oligmüller

© Georg Oligmüller

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What is Tandem Language Learning about?

In a language tandem scheme, you learn a foreign language, e.g. German, in direct interaction with a native speaker – in return, you support your tandem partner in learning your own native language. In contrast to a regular language course, you decide for yourself what to focus on and which resources to use. This way, you learn the foreign language with a hands-on approach and with a focus on oral communication. This may be helpful especially if the language of instruction in your study programme is not your native language.

What is special about Tandem.MINT? How do I benefit?

In Tandem.MINT, you can engage in both verbal and cultural exchange. This way, besides advancing your language skills, you will get to know fellow students of similar disciplines, and improve your intercultural communication skills. As your tandem partner studies in the same field, you may discuss subject-specific matters, refer to typical contexts in the field of Natural Sciences and Engineering, and improve your use of technical terminology.

This way, you practice working together professionally in multilingual and culturally heterogeneous teams – and thus acquire transferable skills for the increasingly globalised working environmentin the sector of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

What are the prerequisites for participation?

  • enrolment at Ruhr-Universität Bochum as full-time student in Natural Sciences or technical disciplines
  • proficiency in the target language of at least level B1 (CEFR)
    [for typologically distant native languages (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Russian): level A2]
  • German or English needs to be either the native language or the target language

How is the programme scheduled?

After registration is closed, we will try to find a matching tandem partner for you. If this is successful, you can start the programme at the beginning of the semester. First, you take part in an introductory session at the. University Language Centre (ZFA). ). During the semester, you will hold regular, self-organised meetings with your tandem partner. The exact schedule depends on whether you intend to obtain a confirmation of participation or credit points. ⇒ further information

How do I register?

Tandem.MINT starts in summer semester 2018 as a pilot-project. In this phase, the approach will be tested and evaluated – thus, your experience and feedback will be valuable resources for improvement.

If you are interested, please sign up until March 15th, 2018 using this application form (pdf).

Please send the completed application form as pdf-file by email to: international-at-home(at)rub.de. Please note: You need to download the form first in order to fill it in on your computer.

Will my participation be certified or credited?

If you pursue the language tandem regularly for one semester and fulfil all requirements, you will receive a participation certificate. Additionally, it is possible to obtain credit points. However, recognition is subject to the regulations of your study programme and / or the decision of the faculty respectively. further information