The Sprachtandem.MINT in the summer semester 2021

Due to the current situation caused by the spread of the corona virus, no face-to-face events may be held. All events including all tandem sessions must be held using online tools such as Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Unfortunately, the credit point option of the Tandem.MINT had to be suspended for the time being due to the restricted in-class teaching at the RUB. We are currently working on a solution to reinstal it in the future.

Course of the program
At the beginning of the program we cordially invite you to participate in an online information session. Here you will get to know your tandem partner, meet the other program participants and receive important information on the further course of the program.

Certificate option (certificate of participation without credit points)

  • A certificate of participation (Tandem.MINT certificate) will be issued under the following conditions:
    1. Participation in at least 13 meetings of 90 minutes each with your tandem partner (exclusively online!)
    2. Participation in the reflection session in the middle of the semester
    3. Submission of a written summary at the end of the tandem program
  • You need to provide proof of successful participation by the end of the semester and hand in a written summary to the Project Coordination Office.
  • We will certify the period of participation in the program and the target language(s) covered by the tandem. In addition, we will provide a general description of the components and objectives of the program. The certificate does not include an assessment of performance or language level!